Prioritising Health & Safety

Prioritising Health & Safety

Creating a the right culture on site

Health and safety and wellbeing of the workforce and anyone involved with the developments is always our top priority. Construction at times can be unpredictable and we strive to make the processes as predictable and controlled as possible.


We're proud to be Considerate Contractors and pride ourselves on our strong Health and Safety record for our colleagues, contractors, clients and the communities we serve. Each project presents specific challenges and our team work tirelessly to create a safe working environment throughout the development.


Shore Construction includes in-house health and safety advisors who hold the necessary accreditations and training to lead effective H&S on each project. They are trained and qualified with the most up to date approaches and policies to ensure compliance onsite.

Site inspections are undertaken at regular intervals throughout the construction process with reports being produced with their observations being actioned by the construction team.


Regular hierarchy meetings are undertaken to ensure all who are involved with Shore Construction understand their responsibilities and promote the best practicable health and safety procedures. Crucially, we pride ourselves on our recording and reporting culture, which sets the tone for site behaviours and the importance of exceptional health and safety practices.