Strong Foundations At Hendy House!

Strong Foundations At Hendy House!

Hendy House Newsletter - Issue 3

Since the last newsletter the structure has advanced to the first floor and is progressing to the second floor, we intend to push on and hopefully have the structure complete for Christmas.

Over the coming weeks we will start to put some “skin on the bones” by way of brickwork and windows. From next month, we'll be sharing our newsletter updates via email as well as on the site noticeboards. To register for the newsletter, please email

Simon Cowell - Construction Director


This month, we had a hugely positive discussion with a representative from the Considerate Contractors Scheme.We're committed to achieving the highest score possible under the scheme and working closely with the community to minimise any disruption from construction operations.

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The Hendy House site is really starting to take shape now with construction well underway. Once finished, the project will provide much needed student accommodation in Bournemouth at a time when the Daily Echo are reporting on the current shortage in the City.

We're committed to making a difference to the local community and giving back to Bournemouth throughout the project.

We're continuing to positively engage with the community and are in dialogue with local colleges and our suppliers to create new employment opportunities during the project. As part of our support, the whole team continue to minimise any disruption from the build.

Please do contact me or the team with any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to help.

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