Shore Construction Brand Ideal

Shore Construction Brand Ideal

Our vision for success

Our vision for the Shore Construction Brand Ideal came from analysing the best businesses in the world and how they operate. And the common theme we saw is that they do good. If you do good, you win - it's a good mantra for life and we believe a good one for business too.

We’ve always tried to help others, sub-consciously maybe, and our Brand Ideal is the Shore way of spreading this across our development.

We've always sponsored local clubs in local communities, and they've been great relationships over the years. We've helped numerous local tradespeople set up their own businesses and grow with a little help from our network. We've supported local charities all across the UK.


Through our Brand Ideal, we’ve switched back to listening mode and taking the time to engage with our clients, team, workers and the communities we serve. We're doing more of it again now and it makes a massive difference.

We're listening more whilst keeping our laser focus on project delivery. We've listened to what the real need is.

Our worker compliance Portal is a great example of this.

This all came about because a client had a challenge. How could they get the maximum reassurance about worker compliance on their project without needing to conduct a full audit?

We listened, identified how we could solve it, built the Portal and now it’s in their hands, providing the insight they need in real-time. We've improved client lives by listening. It helps the team too, and workers and the communities we serve too. It really is win-win.

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Our flagship vision for our Brand Ideal are the community football clubs. Clubs like Brighton and Liverpool encapsulate and engage everyone who touches the brand. Everyone is part of the same team, whether you're a superstar on the pitch or part of the team behind the scenes making everything run smoothly.

The purpose and the passion is what builds their success. It's across all walks of life, and in a community, it brings everyone together. That's our aspiration for the Shore Construction Brand Ideal.

The football club ideal is so strong that it's effect is global. Whether you're at the stadium on match day or watching from a far-flung corner of the world - everyone is wearing the club colours and cheering the team on. Everyone will is committed to the cause and achieving success.

Brighton, the closest club to our HQ are a great example. The way the club’s run, the fan base, the ownership, the way they engage the community. It's a true community club.

And it's not just Brighton. We have an affiliation with every location where we develop.

This is the vision for Shore Construction too. Our team comes from all different walks of life, different stages of their career, different salaries, but they're all playing for the same team and committed to our Brand Ideal.

So expect the team be in touch to listen a lot more over the coming months...

We make no apologies for this. It’s through listening that we can improve and find ways to be better for clients, better for the Shore team, better for workers and the communities we serve.