Build to Rent

Build to Rent

Flexible Living Solutions

The build to rent sector continues to grow, as an effective solution to the current shortfall in the UK’s housing supply, a best-in-class model for short and long-term rentals and an attractive investment opportunity. Our BTR model supports strong investor returns with flexible living ideally suited to resident and operator needs.


We understand that BTR properties occupy a unique space in the housing market, demanding specific expertise throughout the construction process. Our experience in this sector allows us to predict and mitigate the inherent risk of new build developments, proactively engaging resident, community and local authorities throughout the design and development process.


Build to rent residential resident benefit from including amenities, facilities and services that individually owned properties cannot provide. We work closely with you to understand the features that will most appeal to your desired tenants and bake these into our planning from day one. Each amenity is designed with tenant usability and client management in mind, blending rental attractiveness with simple, low-cost operational management.


Our process integrates the maintenance and durability factors that are essential considerations for the ongoing viability of your development. We focus on implementing the most desirable, practical and resilient structural features that will serve both tenants and management for years to come.

We understand that in this fast moving market, amenity requirements can change during the design and development process. Our team will work with you to innovate, proposing design solutions that meet your needs and satisfy planning requirements.

Shore Construction work on selective projects across the UK between £2m - £30m in project value.

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