Mixed Use Development

Mixed Use Development

Gold Standard Urban Planning

Innovative mixed-use developments represent an opportunity for investors to bring together a range of end-users, diversifying asset classes and income streams whilst meeting complex planning requirements, particularly those associated with urban regeneration.


City and town centre regeneration schemes are large-scale projects with many moving parts, often combining schools, shops, offices, recreation facilities and open space. With our insight, experience and delivery reputation, we are experts in managing these complex, challenging projects in busy, urban locations.


Whether the development is primarily residential; combining private ownership, social housing and rental properties, commercially-focused or centred on a school or community facility, our team's design and build experience ensure effective project delivery. Because we work across these individual sectors, we understand how to design for both function and usability.

We understand the need to engage local residents during regeneration projects. Our on-site engagement includes CSR initiatives, Ethical Resourcing and local procurement planning to maximise the benefit local communities experience from each project. With UK-wide initiatives and a flexible model, we deliver local measurable benefits for every project.


We engage multiple stakeholder groups as part of our mixed-use development process, including local authorities, health trusts, housing associations, and private developers. We understand how to manage the project workflow, proactively solving logistical challenges with all stakeholder groups. Rather than hand challenges back to our clients, we take the initiative, engaging with each issue and identifying pragmatic solutions to keep the programme on-track.

Shore Construction work on selective projects across the UK between £2m - £30m in project value.

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